Maximo Martínez, Procter and Gamble Belgium, presented Modulushca project at ECITL Conference.

The “8th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics” (ECITL)was held from 5 to 7 October 2015 in Bordeaux under the theme “Intelligent logistics solutions – a catalyst for digital economy”. This years theme highlight the growing importance of efficient and effective logistics and supply chain management and operation. Industrial practitioners, scientists and politicians from all over the world participated as partners for discussion.


Maximo Martínez,Research manager at the Supply Network Innovation Center of Procter & Gamble in Belgium, presented Modulushca project during the ECITLConference.

Maximo Martínez explained how Modulushca will establish a robust and replicable methodology to develop and evaluate solutions for interconnected logistics looking at other elements of the supply chain.

ECITL 2015 Conference Book is available by clicking here