The project has been structured in eight work package (WP):

WP 1. Project Management. 
WP 2. Visioning an interconnected logistics scenario.
Objective: Share and build with industrials a common vision and road map of interconnected logistics according to FMCG needs.

WP 3. Iso Modular Logistics Units.

Objective: Definition of a set of sizes and interfaces for small- and medium- sized (ISO)- modular logistics units.

WP 4. Digital Interconnectivity.

Objective: Developing an information framework for iso-modular logistics units in an interconnected logistics system ensuring consistent data and information management, reliability, as well as security and privacy issues.

WP 5. Operational interconnected solutions.

Objective: Developing interconnected logistics layout based on isomodularidad logistics units in interconnected logistics reducing costs and CO2 emissions.

WP 6. Implementation Pilots RTD.

Objective: Demonstrating interconnected logistics solutions enhancing supply chain collaboration among logistics stakeholders – manufacturers, transporters, retailers.

WP 7. Dissemination and Exploitation.

Objective: Integration and synchronizing with concurrent research and developments in the US and Canada.

WP 8. Technical Management.